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A Motto

"We've got to speed things up in this hotel.
 Chef, if a guest orders a three-minute egg, give it to him in two minutes.
 If he orders a two-minute egg, give it to him in one minute.
 If he orders a one-minute egg, give him a chicken and let him work it out for himself."

Groucho in A Night in Casablanca (movie)
Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, Zeppo - The Marx Brothers

The Company

Founder: Otto Schellhorn, dipl. natw. ETH Zurich

Since 2005 the company is the organizational frame for my activities
as IT Consultant and IT Trainer, specialized on integration architecture
in highly heterogeneous IT environments.

Other activities are software engineering and development with a strong affinity
to the C programming language, special interest in access control and
the construction of fast rule engines.

Contact Information

This web page is not intended as pure business platform, so maybe
requests for contact will not be answered immediately...

[Under Construction]This site is still (hopefully not for ever) under construction.

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Schellhorn GmbH
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